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Convex Hull Examples

HullRad is an algorithm for calculating hydrodynamic properties of a macromolcule from a structure file.

HullRad uses a convex hull model to estimate the hydrodynamic volume of a macromolecule.
The above images show convex hull models of two proteins, a DNA duplex, and the bacterial 50s ribosomal subunit.

HullRad is FAST!

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What HullRad Gives You

Molecular Mass of the protein (g/mol)
Partial Specific Volume (mL/g)
Anhydrous Volume Sphere Radius (Å)
Anhydrous Radius of Gyration (Å) (Note: Compare to SANS, not SAXS)
Maximum Dimension (Å)
Axial Ratio (a/b)
Frictional Ratio (f/f0)
Translational Diffusion Coefficient (cm2/s)
Translational Hydrodynamic Radius (Å)
Sedimentation Coefficient (sec)
Intrinsic Viscosity (cm3/g)
Rotational Diffusion Coefficient (s-1)
Rotational Hydrodynamic Radius (Å)
Tumbling Correlation Time (ns)

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